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In the woods

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Reblog if you hate how True Blood ended 





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I think the best thing about the True Blood Finale is that it has finally left The Bill Compton Appreciation Society speechless…

Didn’t think of that!

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That tribute to Sookie and the subsequent comments from people who shared probably if I’m going to be kind 2, maybe 3 braincells between the lot that involved shouting down people for not being super happy! like themselves with Sookie’s story and congratulating True Blood just screamed BRIAN BUCKNER SCHOOL OF THINKING. 

The show has been set up with a truly awful finish of redeeming the irredeemable Bill Compton to make a HEA with Sookie that isn’t remotely possible of achieving whatsover in that time-frame, when the message should have always been first and foremost about Sookie’s progression in the supe-world. No person watching the tv should fucking think to call this Bill/Sookie fiasco as moving forward for them both or god forbid “coming full circle”.

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Anonymous whispered:
The human thing would be very unique. And would make perfect sense. This is a SUPERNATURAL TV show remember. There is magic and all sorts of craziness. So why not. And it has not been done. They usually turn the girl into a vampire, never the guy into a human so it would be pretty original. And Sookie does not want to be a vampire and Bill was turned against his will and has never liked being a vampire. This would be the best ending for both of them



If you see TB as all about Sookie and Bill and their HEA then I can see how you think this way. But this show has been about a whole lot more than just Bill and Sookie’s love story. Since the beginning supernaturals ,particularly vampires,have served as a metaphor for differences amongst people be they religious,racial,or based on sexual preferences. We have been given an important question to consider throughout the seasons which is can humans co-exist with. vampires( supernaturals) which might as well be asking is it okay to be different? Can people co- exist with other people who are different from them? Making Bull human and Sookie as well is saying Nope. They have to be the same for them be happy.

Then there is the question of Bill’s torment about being a vampire. He is full of self loathing and conflict and does heinous crimes on the name of his conflicted nature. So what is it we are being told someone must do if they find themselves changed all of a sudden,no longer the same as they used to be ? Do they struggle to accept themselves as they now are? Like we see other vampires doing? Or do they split their nature and devlope an unhealthy duality like Bill and Warlow and then blame their crimes on this duality?

And what about redemption and retribution? Is it okay for Bill to do nothing substantial to integrate his two selves and find peace? Is it okay to suffer no retribution for crimes done to others? Is it okay fir Sookie to sweep everything Bill has done under the carpet just because he got Hep V from her and ISPs dying? How can he be redeemed if he never has a redemption arc other than some flashbacks about who he used to be and yearns to be again and some HepV fever dream that deludes him into believing he needs to die to set Sookie free? How is it that Bill should be rewarded in the end by having his humanity restored? Why should he get an HEA withSookie that even he knows he doesn’t deserve after he has” lied,threatened, abused and almost raped her”? ( that last one being debatable.)

The writers may very well make both Sookie and Bill human in the end but it won’t be a good or even a fitting end for this show or these characters. it will be a disaster and a nightmare.IMO the result of just plain bad storytelling. That’s how I see TB and what it originally intended to do under
Alan Ball’s tenure.

I completely agree with you Maggie. If they do that, they will be sending a very wrong message. “If you are different you should leave your differences behind if you want to fit in the world”

That’s not TB

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Eric + memory loss

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True Blood. So lazy.

I didn’t even watch it. So lazy that I have become lazy. I’m sure I can pick up from next week without having to watch last night’s.

Yep, it was that bad. So much Beeeehl bore flashbacks, cello music and Sookie being a dumbarse unfortunately. 

I keep telling myself to remember than Sookie is a victim of disgraceful writing but each episode that goes by is just agony. She is getting worse and worse. She is becoming more and more like her book-self sadly. If I watch the recent episode I’m afraid I’ll be put off her for good.

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Thank you for all of you who are watching True Blood and spilling the horrible details so I don’t have to watch it.  





Amen. Thanks to all of you brave souls who are sacrificing your time, your health, maybe even your future emotional stability to let us know what fresh horrors happened this week. 

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"Ok Dexter. We’ll see your piece of shit final season and raise you a heaping pile of garbage." —

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She’s a waitress, a waitress who’s saved my life more than once and whose fear vibe very graciously brought me here tonight, allowing me to settle an ancient debt. Thank you for that, by the way.

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Just finished the new True Blood episode.

Brian Buckner:


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